Rocketship Education Tallies Students’ Growth Through the MAP

Rocketship  Education is a network of charter schools that are public and non-profit in nature, which are created to serve the underprivileged communities across the country. Its main office is located in the city of Redwood, California. The said school is classified under the E-Leaning, EdTech, and Education system of learning. It was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006.

In a featured article on the Tennessean website, James Robinson, Rocketship United Academy’s founding principal, appeals to parents of students from the Nashville public schools to inquire about their child’s development scores on MAP, regardless whether they fail in the proficiency area of the test. He added that being concerned with where their children are going and not just where they are at present, cognitive wise, will make the parents better supporters for their respective children/child’s education and longstanding triumphs.

Majority of schools all over Tennessee have just learned how much their students have progressed in their academic standing for the previous years, while elementary schools in the Country of Davidson will have to stand-by for another year before they get to know the academic growth their students have attained within the given school year.

This implies that the TNReady end results have already been issued this fall, and the test given to the elementary schools is concentrated on the proficiency of the student. There is however, another assessment that majority of the public schools in Nashville are currently utilizing to monitor the academic development of the students. The cited assessment is the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress or MAP that can measure each student’s cognitive progress throughout the school year.

Proficiency ratings are essential, although they only portray if a particular students fits his or her grade level at a certain period. The growth scores, also termed as “value-added” scores indicate how much the student has gained in terms of knowledge for a specific time frame, irrespective of their starting point. Hence, the variance between growth and proficiency is the difference between knowing how far the student has come and if the student was able to understand what he or she has been taught.

Rocketship Public Schools have been utilizing the MAP ever since its inception, since it understands that growth is essential for all students especially for those who come from less fortunate circumstances.