High End Fashion at RealReal

Consignment fashion has come a long way over the years. RealReal is a luxury consignment shop that went from an online store to a brick-and-mortar location located in SoHo. People are starting to recognize the styles from this store and getting items they would not expect from shopping second hand.

Since opening RealReal was able to make $173 million. They focused on women’s collections and high-end fashion. There are even more affordable items for those that cannot afford to spend luxury money.

Finding a great piece at a consignment shop is like a small victory. People have been going to the store and the website daily to see the new items that have been posted.

RealReal has been in business since 2011 and was started by Julie Wainwright. She began working with the internet in the early 90s and is the chief executive of the Pets.com site. She now sells consignment that is authenticated by herself or one of her expert staff members. They are even able to take high-quality photographs to show the items online. While the prices may seem high on some of the items, they are still offered at a greatly reduced price than if they were purchased brand new.

RealReal has become successful in part thanks to their Instagram account. They are posting new items all of the time and a person can see items added daily to this site. Instagram has allowed this consignment shop to update their customers on the latest items and has attracted a large fan following that has become luxury consignment lovers.