Dr. Rick Shinto Knows all and Does All

There is a company focused on the wellbeing of its patients like no other. Its name is InnovaCare Health. Within this organization, there are countless qualified healthcare professionals working to serve the needs of patients. The cornerstone to their medical practice is all about transparency in management. Of course, this is all based on the best communication tools and techniques available.

For the citizens in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, this service and care comes from the establishments of MMM Healthcare Inc., along with PMC Medicare Choice Inc. The promotion and practice of inclusive medical care for patients is the focus of their programs. And, the public likes this. The customer satisfaction rates related to the service they receive from these companies is 90 per cent.

Truth be told, these medical professionals do such a good job that the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) has given them accreditation. To do this, InnovaCare has to have plans that consistently exceed expected assurance standards. As with many other businesses and organizations, a big part of the success within this company is its leadership. And in the case of InnovaCare, the leadership is headed by Dr. Rick Shinto and others. Read this article at Open Minds.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the president of the company and well-known for being an authority in the field of healthcare. His expertise is technical in it nature and his experience is in operational and clinical healthcare. He is recognized as being an entrepreneur by Ernst & Young. Other high name associations and titles include being Medical Management’s Vice President. Not to mention, he has experience as Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Rick Shinto is not just an awesome man with a plan. He heads an equally powerful team that magnifies his medical knowledge and power. They reflect off each other to bring out ideas and solution that are off the charts, paradigm shifting, and lifesaving innovations. One such individual is Penelope Kokkinides whose assets to Shinto’s team are commendable as they are dependable.

Surely, Dr. Rick Shinto needs all the super-qualified team members that he can get if his is to expand his empire into the future and beyond the field of medical supply. Although his company is masterful in the ways of melting medical science and medical practice, there are endless combinations of these two. There should be no issues with the growth of the company he is with now, as long as Dr. Shinto remembers to maintain or improve the quality of service that he and his team already provide for their patients in the present.

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