The use of advertisements to increase sale revenue is an effective marketing strategy that has been used by various businesses. However, finding the best means to use to advertise for products is quite challenging. Radio stations, podcasts, and even the internet can be used to advertise, but one is still not sure whether he or she has maximally reached the target market.

Norman Pattiz, the chairman of Podcastone and Tom Webster, conducted research to study the effectiveness of pre and post-campaign brand lifts for advertisers using podcasts. The research was successful as it indicated that there is a positive influence of advertising using the podcast in the recall of brands and even the intent to purchase by consumers.

In the research findings, Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster were able to draw the following conclusions;

  1. Almost 60% of listeners alluded to a certain grocery brand post-campaign, this is up from 7% among listeners in the pre-studies
  2. Unaided awareness of products had increased by 47% since conducting the pre-studies.
  3. In the post-study, almost a third of the respondents had a favorable opinion of an automobile aftermarket product.
  4. The awareness of a particular campaign message for an automobile aftermarket product was also up by 60%.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur who founded the PodcastOne and the WestwoodOne. He is widely known due to his contribution to the broadcasting sector in the USA.

This earned him a hall of fame status in the radio world. Besides, his great leadership at WestwoodOne was a large contributing factor to westwoodOne being one of the major news broadcasting stations in America.

In 2000, he was appointed by the president to be in the broadcasting board of governors in the United States of America. The board has a role of overseeing all nonmilitary communication of the country.

His work here was enormous as he was responsible for the launching of the first Arabic radio station in America. Later on, in 2010, he launched courtside entertainment group. Courtside Entertainment group was involved in the production and distribution of quality programs n the United States of America.

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