Ted Bauman an Expert in Asset Protection and Wealth Creation

Ted Bauman commonly referred to as Ted Bauman Guru is a renowned trained economist and an investment author who works tirelessly to search for a safe way through which people can protect their wealth. Bauman grew up in the US but later immigrated to South Africa to further his studies. Bauman after completing his education remained in S.A where he began working as a consultant for various government agencies including NGOs. Bauman was one of the people who drafted and implemented the post-apartheid economic and urbanization policy in the 1980s. Bauman in 2008 moved back to the US where he was first employed in an NGO as a Director of International Programs. In 2013 Bauman followed his writing passion and joined Banyan Hill Publishers.

At Banyan Bauman authors the Bauman Letter which is a monthly publication that is committed to helping his financial newsletter readers protect their investment and invest wisely. At Banyan Bauman also focuses on other investment services such as the Smart Money writing service which is an ETF trading platform and Alpha Stock a weekly trading service. As an asset protection specialist Ted Bauman gives his loyal readers some ideas through which they can safely secure their wealth. Many people like keeping some of their liquid assets back at home. However, the house is not one of the safest places as it is prone to burglary and other dangers such as fire.

If it is a must you keep your liquid asset at home, his investment advise that you lock them in a safety deposit box commonly referred to as safe or lockbox. The lockbox or safe is a good way of protecting liquid assets as they are fireproof and waterproof. Diversification in asset protection is also crucial when it comes to safeguarding your wealth says, Ted Bauman. According to Bauman, it is not safe to keep all your wealth in one place. Store your wealth in different areas so that in case one get lost the others are safe. Some of the places you might consider protecting your assets include safety deposit box at local and foreign banks and independent vaults among others.


New Residential Investment Corp

Do You Want To Invest With Little To No Money Down? Time To Let New Residential Investment Corp Help You

There are two ways you can invest in the stock market when you have little to no money in your pocket, according to New Residential Investment Corp. You just have to start thinking outside of the box. The conventional approach that others use is not going to work for you.

1)The Piggy Bank

Well, some people call it the “cookie jar.” Whatever you want to call it, the approach will work, according to New Residential Investment Corp. Remember when you were a kid and your parents taught about saving your loose change? Take the loose change and apply it to the stock market. Your money is just as good as anyone else’s. Some of you might not be into saving. You can still do it, according to New Residential Investment Corp. Take $5 a week and start saving. That will add up to $450-500 over time. Take the money and apply it to the stock market.

2)Your Work Plan

Do you already have a savings plan through work? You can use that as a benchmark, according to New Residential Investment Corp. Start small with a retirement plan at work. It is similar to stock market. You will start to see the returns the more you keep it going.

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Jason Hope: Funding SENS for the Future

The SENS Research Foundation is an organization that is focused on treating age-related diseases. They are founded on a public charity system and they aim to transform the world by their research, The SENS Research Foundation funds researches at universities all around the world whenever there are researches that are also goaled towards developing regenerative medicine and are propelled towards repairing the damage and causes that are the foundation for these age related diseases. The SENS Research Foundation‘s goal is to build a community and develop an industry that will cure these disease, and ultimately eradicate them leading to a better quality of life overall.

The SENS Research Foundation annually holds the Rejunvenation Biotechnology Conference – and this event is a reminder that every single individual, and every little discovery and feat is very important to the developments that the whole community. Collective action is always the key to achieving a goal. Although, since the SENS Research Foundation is a non profit organization, their research is run by investors and individuals who contribute and financially support the causes of the organization. Jason Hope is one of the major contributors of the SENS Research Foundation and he is one of the foundation’s most avid supporters. His notable donation of half a million dollars kick started the construction and completion of the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

Part of his 500,000 dollar donation was also used to spark new research programs and start new developments towards beating age-related diseases. Jason Hope notes that he is more than happy and pleased to contribute to such a cause that SENS Research Foundation has. Jason Hope is very impressed with the innovations and initiatives that SENS Research Foundation is leading and their efforts towards providing a better quality of life to the community is worth every single penny that he has donated. Jason hopes that every venture that the SENS Research Foundation will be successful. Jason Hope says that the research and the efforts of SENS Research Foundation is critical to the survival of the human race because diseases like Alzheimer’s not only target the mind but they break down the human system essentially.

New Residential Investment Corp Profile

New Residential Investment Corp invests and manages residential real estate. It is a real estate investment trust. It is divided into investments in excess mortgage servicing rights, servicer advances, residential mortgage loans, consumer loans, and mortgage serving rights. The company has a strong leadership which ensures everything is in place. New Residential Investment Corp portfolio includes residential backed securities, mortgaging servicing assets, and mortgage loans. Its servicing assets are MSRs, Excess MSRs, and servicer advances. It invests in consumer loans for additional revenue. The executive leadership of New Residential Investment Corp is tasked with investment, management, and control of the company. Michael Nierenberg is the chairman, President, and Chief Executive officer.

He joined the company in 2016 and improved overall performance. He is described as a visionary, focused, and dedicated leader. His leadership skills manifest in the good performance of the company. Nicola Santoro is the Chief Financial Officer and treasurer of the company. She joined the firm in 2015 and has been an instrumental member of the team. She is tasked with assessing the financial situation of the company, offering financial and best investment advice the leadership. Jonathan Brown is the Chief Accounting Officer, working with Nicola to ensure proper use of resources. He joined the company in 2015. Douglas Jacobs joined the company in 2013 and is an Independent Director.

He assesses the overall performance of the company to ensure that it achieves set goals. Kevin Finnerty is an Independent Director, working alongside Jacobs. New Residential Investment Corp is committed to improving residential real estate experience. It also invests in real estate securities and corporate, homeowner and unsecured loans. On December 20, 2018, the company declared the Fourth Quarter 2018 Dividend. The dividend is payable on January 25, 2019. It declared that the Board of Directors decided on a quarterly dividend of 0.50 dollar for a common share. Shareholders on record will be paid on the stipulated date. New Residential Investment Corp is valued at 5.23 billion dollars. It published its earnings on October 25, 2018, for the quarter of September 2018. Shareholders are thrilled with the performance of the company over the years.

Sources of the article: https://www.newresi.com/investment-portfolio-comm/excess-msrs

Dream Coming True for Jacob Gottlieb in the Healthcare Sector

Jacob Gottlieb is the founder of Visium Asset management an investment company with global offices in New York, London, and San Francisco. Recently, Gottlieb launched his new firm, Altium, a health care oriented investment firm which is focused on investment opportunities relating to the growth of companies in the healthcare sector. Altium invested its capital in some health industries which include, Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), and Amarin Corporation (AMRN).

Gottlieb is an alumnus of Brown University and New York University School of Medicine graduating with BA in Economics and MD respectively. In 2010, Gottlieb was appointed as P.R.M by Professional Risk Manager`s International Association, and in the preceding year, he was awarded with Financial Analyst Charter from Investment Management and Research Association.

Gottlieb has always had the vision to bring development in the health sector through building healthcare investments. Before forming his own investments companies, he partnered with other members to form Balyasny Asset Management where he appeared as the top earner, and he gained world popularity for huge portfolio gains. He also worked at Merlin BioMed in New York City as investment portfolio manager gaining plenty of experience. For two years he worked at Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst his main focus directed on global health care investment.

Gottlieb has partnered with two leading healthcare firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners and Bay City Capital in sharing Altium`s office space in New York. This move appeared beneficial as Gottlieb previously at Merlin BioMed worked with Stuart Weisbrod, Iguana`s founder, and CIO. The three firms working joining hands to work together opens the floodgates for new opportunities in healthcare investment sector.

Besides a successful career, Gottlieb has shown remarkable efforts in philanthropic events. He has been donating his time and resources to organizations which assists vulnerable and underserved members in the community.

Jeunesse Global NV: The Flawless Foundation System

Jeunesse Global is a company of team members and leaders that promote products to enhance youth and encourage healthy living. The founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray support the members. The lineup Jeunesse Global has created is an impressive range of nutritional supplements, skin and hair care systems, and cosmetics.


The makeup system NV, pronounced like envy, is set up to meet many skin type needs because it can be applied in a step-up fashion to create varying degrees of airbrushed flawless skin. The first step is to prime the skin. The oil-free primer seals tiny lines and fine wrinkles, and it allows the NV foundation to adhere longer.


After priming, the foundation is applied with a mister and lightly sprayed back and forth across the face. The unique application creates flawless skin. The misting process begins with covering up blemishes. Spray a small amount into your palm, use your fingertips or an NV beauty puff to apply the foundation to dark areas or other spots. Next, mist the face with the back and forth motion. Let the foundation set for about 10 seconds, then softly blend with a beauty puff. One pass over the face covers lightly, a second pass will give a broader coverage, and a third pass will create an airbrushed look.


Matching the shades is easy. There are nine tones from the warmest ivories, to cool sands. Darker shades are rich toffee and cocoa. If you are using a store brand, Jeunesse Global’s tech team made an online matching program. Using an easy drop-down menu, select the manufacturer, brand, and color you are currently using. The program will pair you with the perfect NV shade.


For special occasions, try the NV Shimmer. Shimmer adds seductive highlights and makes the skin radiant or if you need a little sun, the bronzer mists soft color. These two skin-enhancing mists can be used alone or with the foundation system.


Jeunesse Global added their proprietary ingredient APT-200 to ensure skin would be nourished while using their products. Leaders work with scientists and dermatologist to create useful products that team members can be proud of and fans love.



Stream Energy’s Love for Helping Those In Need

Recently, Stream Energy, a popular retail electricity provider, was featured on Patch.com. Patch is a community-specific news and information sharing platform that is popular in many states in the U.S. In the Article; Patch highlighted Stream Energy’s philanthropic works and devotion to making the society a better place. Specifically, the firm founded the Stream Care Foundation through which it carries out its charitable works.

The article goes on to highlight some of the projects the foundation has already done. One of them was coming to the aid of Dallas residents who were recently affected by Hurricane Harvey. When the hurricane hit, numerous people lost their homes, pets and even lives. During this time, Stream Cares Foundation stepped in to provide financial assistance and much more to ease the burden of recovery for their esteemed customers.

Another example is when Stream Cares partnered with the Hope Supply Company to take care of the homeless. They do this by organizing an event known as Splash for hope.

Through this event, many homeless children converge at a waterpark and the employees and executives can provide the children with an experience of a lifetime. Furthermore, they also give the underprivileged children financial aid, school supplies, diapers, clothing and much more.

A day after Christmas in 2016, a tornado struck the northern part of Texas and caused a lot of havoc. Many people were injured, property destroyed and lives lost. Stream Energy employees quickly swang into action to help the victims. Alongside, the Salvation Army, Stream Energy managed to raise thousands of dollars. The money was used in helping those who lost their homes and businesses.

Based in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Stream Energy is a firm that provides energy, security, and home services to its clients. Some of the states that the firm operates in include New York, Georgia and Illinois. The company was founded in 2005 by Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki. Ever since its inception, the firm has continued to grow immensely to make significant impacts on the people they serve.


Sahm Andrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital issues a negative report on QuinStreet

Kerrisdale Capital has launched a complaint about QuinStreet’s black hat affiliate marketing tactics. In the report, Kerrisdale states that the latter company has been using affiliate websites to generate revenue when people click the website and fill out the form. This is a process which is happening at the expense of their clients. It seems that all the revenue QuinStreet has been earning in the recent past has come from a single client. Kerrisdale adds that QuinStreet is a low-quality organization which is doing little to nothing to earn revenue through honest means.


The stock price of QuinStreet has more than tripled in the recent past as a result of the suspicious activity, says Sahm Adrangi. Some people thought that the company was finally moving in the right direction after staying in bad books for a long time, but it seems as if the company is using underhand methods to achieve this success. Kerrisdale adds that the credibility of the internet marketing company, which is listed on NASDAQ as QNST, is at stake because it has been benefiting from sham website traffic.


Sahm Adrangi adds that QuinStreet is not a genuine company when it comes to lead generation, mainly because they use a mix of malware redirects, and low-quality leads from internet users trying to earn a few Swagbucks. The main question that Sahm Adrangi poses about QuinStreet is why their leads seem to be generated from sites that deal with adware, paid surveys and one person that lives in China’s Hunan province. He adds that there is more to this company’s internet marketing tactics than meets the eyes.


The success of the company has been experiencing is a little strange, especially because they have little to no product differentiation with other companies in their line of work. The CEO and CFO have started selling their shares in the company, which indicates that the company is headed to a dead-end, and not a successful future of any kind.


Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has been with the company since its inception in 2009. He is a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.



Contribution of Marc Sparks in Building Startups

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman who has managed to build his entrepreneurial success from scratch. His business empires spread across telecommunication, real estate and capital investment. Sparks attributes his success to unwavering faith in God and ability to approach every aspect of life from a positive perspective. After completing his high school diploma, Sparks made a decision to pursue entrepreneurship at the expense of higher education, which attracted criticism from all corners. However, over the years he has worked tirelessly to become the epitome of hard work pays.

For more than three decades, Sparks has managed to establish and run successful companies. Today, he serves as the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, an equity company that is focused on turning innovative ideas of entrepreneurs into profitable businesses. The goal of the firm is not only to fund startups but also offers a wide range of entrepreneurial support services including equipment, office space, marketing among other services sought after by young entrepreneurs.

Marc Sparks as serial entrepreneur based in Dallas, also has interest in Splash Media, one of the largest media marketing company. Cobalt Real Estate Services is another firm owned by Sparks. The company specializes in property sale and management. Other companies owned by Marc Sparks include Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom LLC, Bonn Oir and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

The growing group of companies owned by Sparks and the need to provide a more conducive and collaborative work environment for startups, forced Mark to move his office in 2015 to a new location after occupying the original premises for over fourteen years. Has a long-standing entrepreneur who understands the treacherous journey of entrepreneurship, Sparks, saw the move as necessary in providing startups with more incubation period to help them thrive. Learn more: http://www.fundacity.com/marc-sparks

Marc Sparks is the author of ‘They Can’t Eat You’. In this book, Sparks captures his entrepreneurship journey. He outline success and failures he has experienced in his entrepreneurial pursuits. The book gives useful insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. Marc Sparks shares elaborately the virtues one has to embrace in order to become successful in business. Beside his informative book, Sparks also shares helpful advice through his talks. According to Sparks, for companies to secure funding they should; offer unique services, provide sales data for products already in the market and provide a clear strategy on how venture capital will improve the company. Learn more; https://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000

Marc Sparks is also active outside business circles. He participates in philanthropic activities as well he has donated part of his wealth to charity causes. Notably, Sparks has given money generously to The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Dallas. Through Habitat for Humanity, Marc Sparks has managed to build homes for the needy. Sparks has also donated to programs promoting access to education.