Securus Technologies Changing How Officer Conduct Business

One of the hardest jobs in the world is working as a guard in a prison. I know firsthand because today I am employed in a prison in Texas that has the highest concentration of violent gang members who would jump at the chance to hurt me and my team. To maintain order, we have to be vigilant in our efforts because it only takes a second for inmates to overpower an officer.


In the past we used to be able to keep the peace because there were less inmates, but overcrowded conditions have made it hard on everyone inside the jail. Inmates are crammed inside small cells with individuals they might not like, while others are placed in tent camps in the heat because we can not fit them in a cell. This makes for very tense times, so we value every resource at our disposal today.


When we were in contact with Securus Technologies about updating the inmate call monitoring system, little did any of us at the time realize that this resource would significantly improve the working conditions for all the staff inside this facility.


Securus Technologies is a Texas based company that employs thousands and has already installed their call monitoring system in thousands of prisons. The LBS software is the key to the success of the system, being able to listen to every second of every call these inmates are making, and quickly alert my team when there is any chatter bout concerning subject matter like drugs, weapons, contraband, gangs, or violence.


The advantage we have now and why this prison has seen such a reduction in violence is because my team can get ahead of any potentially dangerous situation now instead of always being in the position of trying to chase down the problem after it occurred.


Securus Technologies Stems the Tide

When one of your competitors publically tells lies and falsehoods about you, it is time to take action. Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications technologies to correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement entities. They provide service to over 3,400 clients and 1.2 million inmates and their families all throughout North America.


When GTL, a competitor publicly began to spew their garbage false statistics and metrics all over the airwaves and ads, Securus knew they had to take action. The statistics and examples GTL was displaying seemed to be straight out of Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter had gone crazy.


Securus made a public offer to raise a challenge to GTL where both companies would lay out their metrics backed by proof from unimpeachable sources. The affair would be officiated by an impartial and disinterested third party so the results would be squeaky clean.


Once the word was out, the silence coming from GTL was awesome, and for a few weeks, there was nothing else coming forth from them. Then they finally notified Securus that they were declining participation in the challenge. That simply shows how the truth wins every time.


The Securus Technologies communications software works with iPhones, Androids, tablets, and regular landline connections. Calling plans include direct billing, prepaid calling plans, collect plans and inmate debit where the inmate is responsible for paying his phone charges.


The video calling system is the newest and most popular plan, as it allows for the callers to view each other during the call, as long as a webcam is present on each end of the call. This is also a great timesaver as families can plan less physical visitations and use the video instead. There is also a money transfer system, a unique Jail Voicemail system, and email available.