Why David McDonald is the Man Behind OSI Group’s Growth and Development

While leadership is often a learned discipline, it is also a trait that becomes automatic in time. For instance, leaders can be part of critical decision making especially when an issue takes other workers a lot of time to comprehend. With that said, many people often wonder how managers make critical decisions even if under intense pressure. Perhaps this comes from the accumulation of different experiences and their ability to deal with unforeseen failures. David is one such leader who has put in a lot of work not only as a president at OSI Group but also a project manager with vast experience in leadership and guidance. Here is more about him.

Education and Career

Born in Iowa, David McDonald was always keen on agriculture and farming. He spent most of his time accessing the manner in which farming projects were controlled in different sectors even as a teenager. He later joined the Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science before heading out to the career world. Over the first few years of job seeking, he was lucky to land an employment opportunity at OSI Group where he served as a project manager at first. Later on, he would be promoted to serve as the president. In his tenure, David McDonald oversaw different projects that included the growth and development of the company in one way or the other.


David McDonald is well versed with the technicalities involved in handling OSI Group. Given that it is a food production company, it takes more than just excellent leadership skills to help the management come up with sustainable strategies for the success of the organization. McDonald has been working with other organizational leaders to help OSI Group provide clients with healthy food products. He has also injected into the organization different production systems that sustain the high food quality. Moreover, he advocates for major expansion projects including the Spain Toledo chicken production where the company has doubled its ability to produce different brands. For that and more reasons, David McDonald is a revered business leader.

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