Kate Hudson Leads The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand of leisure wear has been growing at an amazing rate since the company was launched in 2013 with the backing of Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson; the actress is most famous for her role in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” and states her main aim in life is to continue her acting success, but the dedication to the Fabletics brand of Hudson has aided the company in becoming the main rival to fashion retail giant, Amazon. There are many reasons why Fabletics has become such a major retail force within the fashion industry, particularly as the company is not simply copying the business model of Amazon but is instead seeking new ways of developing its own brand for the future; alongside the subscription based Online sales platform, Fabletics is also developing a chain of physical stores in some of the leading cities in the U.S.


The backing of Kate Hudson has been pivotal to the success of Fabletics as the brand identified the actress as a potential partner even before the company was launched in a public fashion. TechStyle founders, Adam Goldenberg and Dan Ressler believed Hudson had the qualities to reflect the position of the brand for the public, the bright, humorous image of Kate Hudson provided the founders of Fabletics with the perfect celebrity to endorse their fledgling brand. Kate Hudson herself believes Fabletics has grown from a start-up to a company expecting sales in 2017 of more than $250 million as she has made the decision to place her own reputation on the line as the main supporter of the Fabletics brand. Every aspect of the grand comes under the leadership of Kate Hudson as she has become involved with everything from marketing to design and fabric choices.


Fabletics is looking to make major changes to the way the public see the endorsement of a celebrity as Kate Hudson herself is often seen wearing the active wear produced by Fabletics and sets out to share her experiences of wearing the clothes on her own social media platforms. The trust placed in the image and reputation of Kate Hudson has grown within the Fabletics brand to such an extent the actress was given the responsibility of announcing a further celebrity partnership with singer Demi Lovato at a recent Fabletics launch; the image of Kate Hudson has become intrinsically linked to that of Fabletics as the brand continues to dent the 20 percent digital fashion retail percentage currently owned by Amazon.

Amazon Has Their Eyes on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Amazon has been on the top of the e-commerce sales in the women’s apparel niche for years, today commanding a staggering 20 percent of that niches sales. Amazon has also seen dozens if not hundreds of apparel companies that were supposed to be the next big thing come and go. One company Amazon must be paying close attention to is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, already crushing the market space and walking away with $250 million is sales in just a few years. If Amazon wasn’t looking before, they most certainly are paying attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics now.


Hudson was reached for comment on the success of her athleisure brand, and the simplicity in her answer really must have Amazon pausing for concern. Hudson says that the secret to her success in the highly competitive apparel niche comes down to reverse showrooming and her unique membership platform. Looking at these processes in action, we first have to visit the Fabletics retail store in the mall, where we see women of all ages trying on the active-wear, looking at the latest releases in workout apparel, signing up to get their free memberships, and even taking the Lifestyle Quiz.


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, everything you wear in the retail store is placed in your online account for further consideration. The key to the reverse showrooming process is that these same women who were in the store will eventually go to the Fabletics website and continue shopping. Since they already know how each piece of workout apparel fits their body, they shop for similar items, they buy different colors, and they search in the new releases section for items based in the size they already know flatters their body. Unlike when these same women used to shop at Amazon and return all their purchases because nothing quit fits, the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics apparel is a perfect solution for shopping convenience.


Those who have a free membership to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores will enjoy free shipping online, lower pricing, and a personal shopper who will choose a new item each week for the customer to consider. Women love being pampered, and having your own shopper combined with quality merchandise at discounted prices is the perfect solution for their shopping concerns. Amazon should be very concerned because this company appears to be gaining steam when others in this space are losing serious ground.

Fabletics Continues to Gain Ground Against Amazon

Kate Hudson is keeping her eyes open for anyone that may be competition in the athleisure industry. She has managed to build a brand that is well respected with Fabletics, and she knows that others are trying to duplicate her success. Jeff Bezos is one such person. With Amazon Jeff has billions of dollars to spend to compete. Hudson knows this, but she is not worried. She is gaining ground by staying wired into her fans. This is what gives the Fabletics brand a leg up on the competition. Kate Hudson is not afraid to get out there and market the brand. This is where Fabletics differs from the competition.


Kate Hudson has taken it upon herself to stay moving forward with this brand. She is the front person that has established a great amount of anticipation for Fabletics is going to do next. When a person can do this repeatedly, they are going to have the ability to lure a crowd. That is what Hudson has done with Fabletics. She has created a company that people are curious about. In the next 5 years 100 of these stores will be opening. There is a big task to carry out. Some people are going to keep an eye out just to see if she will accomplish this goal. Others are going to be interested in getting to see where these stores are going to be located. Fabletics has become the brand that entices women that are working out so there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming stores.


This type of company that has become a powerhouse in a short amount of time. Fabletics has a host of clothes that are designed to meet the needs to a bevy of female consumers. There are tights and leggings available. Kate Hudson even has an active wear line that has become surprisingly popular in recent months. All of these different garments makes it easier to compete with the other companies like Amazon. Kate knows that Fabletics is not as big as Amazon. What she does know is that she has access to a larger amount of garments that are specifically for women. This is the strength that she is going to take advantage of. This is a niche market, and she is offering customers affordable garments that are still considered stylish. These are the thing that makes customers gravitate towards Fabletics.