Alex Pall and The Ambition To Be Taken Seriously As Artists

People may already know that Alex Pall is one of the duo that forms the success, growth and fame of the EDM band The Chainsmokers. These fans also know the duo’s music to the heart. They know the passion of Pall in bringing out the best performance for his band. They know his knack for EDM production. They probably even know his favorite songs. However, it is in The Interview Magazine that Pall, along with Andrew Taggart, the other pair in the duo, that the story of how The Chainsmokers started is revealed for the first time. It is in the interview that people got to learn the challenges of the band, the insight the two members have learned so far and the next things that The Chainsmokers would try to attempt in their craft.

People could also learn from the interview that the next challenge of The Chainsmokers today is to be taken seriously. It’s no longer enough that Pall and Taggart create music that people could dance to. Their ambition is to elevate the experience in EDM, to make it more about the words, the stories, and not anymore about the faceless attitude that has long. defined the image of EDM in recent years. They are now trying to personalize their brand of music into something that many people can relate to, and not just beats that they can dance to.

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The duo also talked about how hard all this branding is. The ambition of the duo to become serious artists can be hindered by the fact that they belong in the EDM sector. Nothing much has been going on in terms of serious art in the world of EDM, and Pall and Taggart may just be the first few ones who would attempt the challenge. Fortunately, they are persistent in achieving this goal. And it is important for the new songs of The Chainsmokers to reflect this aim. Fortunately, this is attained by some of their more recent songs, which include “Waterbed” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

Another topic in the interview is the fact that the duo sing their own songs. Pall and Taggart answered “why not?”. This answer could be because the duo believes in trying out new things and paving the way for new forms. They want to be the trailblazers in the field of EDM. And fortunately, they’re succeeding right now.