Anthony Constantinou: Researcher, Queen Mary University Of London


Anthony C Constantinou has an empirical interest in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is concerned with decisions that are made while in a state of uncertainty. This throws out the tried and true mathematical equations and problem-solving aspects that have always proved to work when all avenues of intelligence are tangible and readily at hand.

Since all science is based on hypotheses, making decisions based on scientific evidence sometimes means people may be taking shots in the dark since all the needed information to base logical conclusions are not readily available. Click Here to visit his Facebook page.

Sometimes having all the necessary information for some might require spying, or cheating, which might not be best for some, so drawing conclusions based on the principles of the hypothesis might be their only recourse.

Anthony C. Constantinou is a Lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Machine Learning and Data Mining at Queen Mary University of London and Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He has an interest in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence and does research in this area that he applies to sports, economics, finance, gaming, and medicine. He collaborates worldwide with academians and industry officials.

With sports, Anthony Constantinou presents models that conditionally predict outcomes in game matches such as European football utilizing this metric.

Due to the many inaccuracies in medical questionnaires such as incomplete information, repetitiveness, etc., decision making must take a scientific approach to determine possible conditions and treatments.

Risk management in industry and the ability to predict mishaps before they happen and to have preventable measures in place for any possible mishaps benefits largely from the research done by Anthony Constantinou.

When predicting the costs of projects, this research addresses what the financial risks could be, how much capital could be required, and how the decisions based on scientific methodology can have the most viable outcomes.


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