Kimberley Wyatt 'almost' got kicked out of Pussycat Dolls for acne

Kimberly Wyatt was “almost” kicked out of Pussycat Dolls because she had acne.

Queensland premiere Annastacia Palaszczuk attends the Magic Millions

Queensland premiere Annastacia Palaszczuk took some time out from her busy schedule to attend the Magic Millions Race Day 2021 on the Gold Coast on Saturday.

The TV characters we’d like to be friends with

Of course villains make for interesting TV, but there’s nothing better than a character who’s so cool that you wish they were real. Whether it’s for their hilarious antics, ability to endure when life gets rough, or way of making everyone around them feel loved, these are the TV characters we’d like to be friends with.

The coolest and craziest cable car rides in the world

Who would have thought traveling in a cabin suspended in the air from a cable could be so much fun? Using an aerial tramway to get around or see the sights is a great travel idea option, and there are some truly awesome cableways out there! Jump aboard this gallery and enjoy a ride on some of the coolest and craziest cable cars on the planet.

Stacey Solomon confirms new book, and you can pre-order it now

"This is for you."

New rules for classic cars with black and silver number plates

Changes for owners of historic vehicles came into effect on 1 January 2021, restricting the use of black and silver number plates.

Holly Willougby's best Dancing On Ice looks - from Disney character to 'underwear' - ahead of new series

The This Morning star will be presenting the show alongside co-star Phillip Schofield for the ITV skating competition

How to tell which relationship type you're in, according to a psychologist

There are five different types of relationship

The Return Of The Square Toe Shoe

Python dress shoes, sweat pants and white socks, Martine Rose is reimagining the role of the smart shoe

Roof gardens are blossoming - and developers are cashing in on growing demand during the pandemic

Lockdowns aren't easy for anyone, but for those one in eight UK households who have no access to a shared or private garden, they've been near impossible.

The Best Moisturisers on Earth (According to Esquire Editors)

Too cold outside. Too hot inside. Time to level up your moisturiser

First look: Edinburgh visitor attraction charting centuries of medical history to create £1m new robotics galleries

A Scottish visitor attraction charting centuries of groundbreaking medical breakthroughs and surgical advances in Scotland is to create state-of-the-art new galleries to show how robots are transforming modern-day healthcare.

What is reflexology and how does it work?

This ancient Chinese practice is said to relieve pain and stress.

This converted stable on the grounds of a Grade II Jacobean Hall is for sale

Step inside this splendid home...

Coleg Menai set to move from historic Bangor home to business park near the A55

College bosses estimate it would cost £18m just to weather-proof and maintain its current home at Ffriddoedd where it has been based since the 1950s

Melania Is Celebrating Her “Be Best” Campaign, Even Though It Was The Worst

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock (11030657k) First lady Melania Trump stands next to the 2020 Official White House Christmas tree as it is presented on the North Portico of the White House, in Washington Trump, Washington, United States – 23 Nov 2020 Shortly after the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, her husband’s second impeachment, and reports that she has not reached out to future First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Melania...

Quirky Dutch cultural traditions

If you're planning to visit the Netherlands, it's good to get acquainted with Dutch cultural traditions beforehand. Otherwise, you might get caught off guard by the way the "Dutchies" do certain things. Click through this gallery and be surprised by Dutch cultural weirdness, as described by a local.

The Brooklyn Home Company designs Passivhaus in Brooklyn

American studio The Brooklyn Home Company has designed a Brooklyn townhouse using Passivhaus principles in New York's Carroll Gardens neighbourhood. The Sackett Street townhouse comprises four storeys as well as a rooftop with views of the Manhattan skyline, along with a basement and a drive-in garage. Stairs from an outside decking area lead to a The post The Brooklyn Home Company designs Passivhaus in Brooklyn appeared first on Dezeen.

Interesting religious sites around the world

In times of crisis and despair, many choose to seek solace in their faith. But with many religious sites and places of worship around the world off limits at one point or another due to the coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19, many were, and some continue to be, unable to gain access to churches, temples, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, and more. Click through the following gallery for a look at some of the most religious sites in the world—destinations that will once again be drawing the devoted!

Get set for a life on the tiles: Thick, rustic, handmade - clever choices could add a touch of the exotic to your home

It seems that tiles earn their keep in practical ways in kitchens and bathrooms, while at the same time adding flourishes of colour and exotic rich textures to give any home a greater sense of place.

‘I’m grateful for our intense lockdown split’: what has the pandemic done to our relationships?

Lexi can clearly recall the day she walked around the house looking for traces of her husband, Rob. Returning from her work as a dog groomer that Friday evening, as usual she went to put her shoes away in the drawer under the stairs. But opening it up, she noticed all his shoes were missing. She went to the bedroom and looked at his side of the wardrobe: empty. As she walked from room to room, the shock set in. The house had been picked clean of...

Blind date: ‘I asked if he would sing to me. He refused’

Hannah on Morgan What were you hoping for? I run planet-friendly singles events in my spare time, setting other people up. I thought it was probably time to go on a date myself. First impressions? Friendly, sociable, great smile. What did you talk about? Cats, utilities (including water piping and electricity meters), plants, music, politics and sustainability. Any awkward moments? Takeaways don’t deliver where I am, so I had to watch him eat....

Host of top names to take part in ‘weird and wonderful’ online NI Science Festival

The NI Science Festival is set to return next month after revealing its seventh annual programme boasting more than 80 online public events.

Watchmen star Regina King's One Night in Miami is a must see – here's how to watch online

Her directorial debut is as fabulous as we hoped it would be.

Puritanical veganism is not for everyone – don’t let it put you off a plant-based diet

For about three years I flittered chaotically between vegetarianism and veganism. Adopting a draconian approach to my diet, I decided to forgo all animal products, then would chastise myself any time I slipped and ordered a meal at a restaurant that wasn’t 100 per cent vegan, or if I succumbed to a 2-for-1 pizza deal with friends. “That’s it,” I’d think, “I’m off the bandwagon, I’ve ruined it forever and I might as well give up.” My diet would...

Vogue Williams transforms daughter Gigi into the cutest little thing - and we love it

Vogue Williams' latest photo of Gigi is sure to melt hearts

Real-life dragons: Pets that look like mythical creatures

From 'Game of Thrones' to 'How to Train Your Dragon,' it's hard to not be enthralled by the idea of magical animals. However, this dream can actually be a reality. Well, sort of. Here is a list of 15 animals that look so mystical you won't believe they are actually from planet Earth. Would you ever consider keeping any of these bizarre critters as a pet?

Kate Middleton rocks retro blazer and chic hair change for new appearance

Kate Middleton looked beautiful as she appeared on a video call with her husband Prince William on Friday night! See her chic retro style blazer and stylish hairstyle

Kate Garraway looks incredible in her starry dress in this smiling new snap

Kate Garraway looked beautiful in her star print dress as she presented her Smooth Radio show on Thursday - see the picture of her outfit

Lose five pounds in five days like a pro athlete

Have you ever wondered how some professional athletes strategically cut weight in record time so they can compete in a certain weight class? In this gallery, you’ll discover their secrets so you too can lose weight fast. But there’s a twist. Click on to find out more.

Coffee, Childcare, Zara... 3 Women Share Their Covid Money Diaries

'I’m nervous about how pricey the bill is going to be - luckily, my date picks up the tab. I hate this feeling, though; I’m really not used to being so financially insecure.'

Prohibition and when America went dry

Over a hundred years ago in January 1920, the United States dried up. The Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution effectively banned the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcohol. The country couldn't drink. Prohibition had arrived! The 13-year nationwide constitutional ban on alcohol was one of the most contentious periods in US history. But the origins of Prohibition stretch back much further, fermented as it was back in the 19th century. Browse this gallery and imbibe the fascinating story of how America abstained, but only because it had to.

Prince Harry 'heartbroken' by royal rift

Prince Harry is "heartbroken" about his rift with the royal family, according to his friend Tom Bradby.

The best road trip route through the Southern United States

Friendly faces, comfort food, and views that go for miles are just the start of what makes the South an incredible region to explore. Grab your cowboy hat, put the top down, and follow this guide to the ultimate southern road trip.

Can I buy a new car or take mine for a garage service or MoT? Today's new lockdown restrictions explained

Tighter restrictions affecting garages and car showrooms are introduced today as part of the Scottish Government’s latest attempt to reduce spread of Covid-19.

'We've been waiting, it was always going to come' - Isle of Barra pulls together as Covid-19 arrives

With 160,000 positive cases and nearly 8,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, there’s no doubt that after 10 months the virus has stretched its tendrils into every corner of Scotland.

All The Marvel Easter Eggs In 'WandaVision' So Far

Did you clock that car license plate?

You can now take a live virtual tour of Elvis Presley's Graceland

Elvis Presley's Graceland is now offering live online tours for fans around the world, including those who can't travel to the Tennessee, USA tourist attraction during the coronavirus pandemic. Graceland said the two-hour guided tours will take virtual visitors into Presley's former Memphis home, which has been turned into a museum, and through the Meditation Garden, where he is buried. The singer and actor died in Memphis on August 16th, 1977....

The Cold Mountain Effect explains why the most talented often don't reach their potential.

She was too smart. I mean that."You should try reading Shakespeare in German," she told me once. "It’s funny as hell. You’d get a kick out of it."She paused.Side note: Watch a 2020 Zoom call from the future. Post continues below.Video via Mamamia."I mean, you’ll have to learn German first..."This kind of thing would usually irritate me. But my friend ... Continued

The most out-there celebrity homes ever

Mega-mansions are a given when you are one of the world's biggest celebrities, but few go the extra mile like these stars. From Celine Dion's waterpark to Pharell's stunning glass mansion, to Pierce Brosnan's custom-built Thai-inspired home and Robert Downey Jr's windmill cottage, we take a look inside the most eccentric celebrity homes out there.

How to spot a barn owl

Or, if all else fails, there's a live barn owl webcam

Meet the mountain rescue dogs saving lives in the Lake District every day

These pups' stories of bravery and instinct are incredible

At The End Of The Day: Keeley Hawes

The Bodyguard actress on hating Zoom, loving Gogglebox and going green.

20 things stay-at-home dads want you to know

Think stay-at-home dads are lazy, would prefer to be “at the office,” or don’t get emotional? Well, you’re wrong. Here, with some help from real dads who mind their kids full-time, we’re busting some myths about this often-misunderstood job.

Campaigners reject study on smacking children as ‘bunkum’ after NSPCC calls for it to be outlawed in NI

A campaign group has described as “bunk” a new academic study on smacking which has prompted the NSPCC to call for it to be outlawed in Northern Ireland.

From living in her sisters' shadows to leading lady: Elizabeth Olsen's life in the spotlight.

In the early 2000s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the most famous teenagers in the world.The now 34-year-old twins, who were born in Los Angeles in 1986, launched to fame when they made their acting debut on American sitcom Full House at just six months old.From 1987, the fraternal twins shared the role of Michelle Tanner for the entire run ... Continued

30 Basics you must have in your wardrobe

Exclusive: Chicago Fire's Adriyan Rae discusses Gianna Mackey in season 9

"You can expect to learn a lot more about Gianna."

Hat Happenings: The Season's Styles and How to Sport Them

If you're only using your hat to keep your skull warm, you're doing it wrong. No matter your style whether it be casual or formal, you can always make what you put on your head fashionable. Get hat it with these latest trends.

Locked down again: One local family share their experiences

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, not least families. Here Jane McEvoy from Belfast tells HELEN MCGURK how her family of five is navigating these uncertain times