Thomas Markle breaks silence on the moment his relationship with Meghan ended

THOMAS MARKLE has claimed a 2018 letter from his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, "signalled the end of our relationship".

Worried WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook? Wait until you see what Messenger does

FACEBOOK is firefighting a backlash from users over its data-sharing practices in WhatsApp... but security experts warn that Messenger is much worse than WhatsApp for anyone worried about Mark Zuckerberg's social network spying on their text messages, downloading their photos, and more.

This genius TikTok trick will make your living room feel bigger with a dining table

An interior designer and architect shares how to make a small living room feel bigger with this simple swap on TikTok

Thrifty couple transform their neglected back garden into Thai paradise on a budget

The garden transformation only cost the pair £2,500 after they insisted in shopping around for bargains and second hand items.

5 fast growing shade trees

Gardens great and small can benefit from trees: for providing shade, a habitat to native birds and their positive contribution to the environment. Here are 5 fast growing shade trees in Australia and how to grow them.

Rachel Riley marks Pasha Kovalev's birthday with hilarious family photo

Rachel Riley celebrates Pasha Kovalev's birthday with hilarious family photo – and fans react

Old-fashioned hats that should make a comeback

We've been adorning our heads for centuries. From protection to style, hats and other types of headgear are an important part of fashion history. In this gallery, we look back at some iconic hats we think should make a comeback. Browse through and be inspired.

The Queen sends sweet birthday message to Sophie Wessex

The Queen sends a birthday message to her daughter-in-law, Sophie Wessex, who is married to the monarch’s youngest son, Prince Edward

Epic responses of celebrities to their haters

James Martin shares family update with fans - reactions

James Martin shares rare family news with his fans about his dog, Ralph. The celebrity chef revealed all on Instagram

Clothing and transport costs pushed up inflation in December

The Office for National Statistics said the rate of Consumer Price Index inflation increased to 0.6% in December from 0.3% in November.

Derry dog ended up in Co Down after hitching a ride in a van

The pooch is now in kennels as the rightful owner is sought

Where to buy a PS5 in Australia: keep checking these stores for PlayStation 5 stock

PS5 is upon us, although most stores have extremely limited stock, so act fast at these retailers.

'Little baby jail cells' Mum sparks huge debate after slamming bedtimes and cribs

Mum Alice Bender sparked a huge debate online after sharing her parenting techniques in a viral TikTok.

The V&A’s Next Blockbuster Show Will Celebrate African Fashion – & It Wants Your Help

The Victoria & Albert Museum is globally renowned for its blockbuster fashion exhibitions, having taken a deep dive into subjects as varied as handbags, kimonos and underwear, and hosting retrospectives on the likes of Christian Dior, Frida Kahlo, Balenciaga and Mary Quant. Today it announces that its next major show will be a celebration of African fashion. Opening June 2022, Africa Fashion will be “celebrating the irresistible creativity,...

Turn Your Umbrella Into a Portable Mini Greenhouse

Gardening has become a top pastime since we were forced into our homes last March. But a greenhouse has always been a top way to get the best out of your plants. Building a glass greenhouse isn't an option for many of us, but thankfully there have been plenty of tips over the years on ways to build greenhouses from an assortment of household items. I am here to bring you yet another greenhouse hack, so settle in. Hot tip: umbrellas That's right,...

The spectacular surprise that is Shetland

Lying 104 miles (168 km) off Scotland, the remote Shetland Islands are Britain's most northerly outpost. Once under Norse rule, local way of life reflects the Scottish and Scandinavian heritage of the isles. A haven for wildlife, and home to the adorable Shetland pony, the destination is also known for a collection of truly remarkable ancient archaeological sites. Browse this gallery and marvel at the surprise that is Shetland.

Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway)

Everybody who knows what they’re talking about will tell you not to do it, but the lure of bed is hard to resist for any home worker. Or it may have become a necessity. With children home schooling, or in a cramped flatshare, your bed may be the only place you can get any peace (although many people living and working with chronic illness will be rolling their eyes at the idea that working from bed has only just been invented). During the first...

Inflation ticks higher as clothes prices edge up after Black Friday sales

Inflation rose to 0.6% last month as clothing prices edged higher following extended Black Friday discounting the month before.

Fans unimpressed by First Dates after show's return for this reason

Channel 4 brought back popular show First Dates this week – but fans were disappointed by one aspect...

Insights from the largest cross-cultural study

The Hofstede cultural factor analysis was designed to examine cultures based on a worldwide survey of employee values by IBM. It compares the answers of 117,000 people across 40 of the largest countries. What’s more, it's generally accepted as the most comprehensive framework of national culture values by those studying business culture. Similarities and differences in cultures, it shows, are not entirely predictable. This is determined when considering the geographical closeness of some countries and their massive differences in culture. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to learn some fascinating insights regarding the cultures of the world.

How to watch PE with Joe Wicks Wednesday 20 January: workout with the Body Coach LIVE on YouTube

Ready to work out with Joe Wicks once again? Watch PE with Joe LIVE three times a week here on T3

Who is Tiffany Trump and who is Michael Boulos, her new fiancé?

Donald Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany has announced her engagement on her father’s last full day in office. A picture posted to Instagram shows Ms Trump, 27, and fiancé Michael Boulos standing in one of the White House’s colonnades, with the caption explaining that the couple got engaged at the executive mansion. “It has been an honour to celebrate many milestones, historic occasions and create memories with my family here at the White House,...

Ana de Armas Just Won Best Breakup Haircut Of All Time

Following the news of her reported breakup with Ben Affleck, actress Ana de Armas just revealed a very drastic change to her look. Call it a breakup cut or simply a chic Parisian bob that hits the sweet spot between fresh and classic in style, but the 32-year-old star looks nothing like she did the last time she was seen out in public with Affleck in LA. Returning to her family home in Cuba, de Armas wasted no time booking a hair appointment,...

James Harden’s controversies: nightclubs, sponsors, and Khloe Kardashian

Move over, olive tree: These are the hottest houseplant trends of 2021

These are the top 10 houseplant trends to nod to in 2021. Invite these indoor plants into your space this year and watch them make their mark

Harry Brant, son of top model Stephanie Seymour, dies at 24

Ask LH: Can My Cat Catch a Cold?

As a person who has never owned a cat, it's hard to speak to the experience (I can't, really). But from afar, it seems like these cute felines are difficult creatures who kind of hate their owners at times, but also manage to hold their affections. Sounds like a lot of relationships, tbh. Anyway. If you're keen on keeping your cat in optimal health, it's probably worth learning about what kind of illnesses ol' puss is susceptible to. So, today...

It’s Official: Melania Is America’s Least Favourite First Lady

It’s the Trump family’s last day in the White House — a day that many worried would never arrive. And over the course of four years we’ve come to know the real Melania (and the fake Melania) better than we ever would have wanted to. To recap some of her greatest hits: there was the “I don’t really care, do you?” jacket debacle, the Melania doppelganger conspiracies, and, of course, who could ever forget what she did to that poor rose garden? Not...

Fascinating coming-of-age traditions

Reaching adulthood might seem like a blurry concept for many teenagers nowadays, but many young adults around the world still go through ancient coming-of-age rituals. Some of these have religious roots, while others are a quintessential part of some cultures. But they all have one thing in common: they're absolutely fascinating. Take a look.

Welsh woman escorted out of supermarket for not wearing a mask

Welsh woman without mask escorted out of supermarket while telling officers she doesn't need to wear one

Spencer Pratt: I'm still not close with Stephanie Pratt

Spencer Pratt is still “not close” with his sister Stephanie Pratt, as he says his younger sibling is not involved in his three-year-old son Gunner's life at all.

Kate Garraway writing tell-all book about husband Derek Draper's coronavirus battle

Kate Garraway is publishing a book about her husband Derek Draper’s battle with coronavirus, sharing her fears and struggles. The Good Morning Britain - whose husband has been in hospital since March last year after contracting COVID-19 - hopes her story, called The Power Of Hope, will help others who have suffered during the pandemic. Garraway, 53, said: “While my experience of Covid is extreme and extraordinary, I’m only too aware that this...

Banks pressuring customers to make unrealistic loan repayments as deferrals end

As a pause on home loan repayments begins to lift, banks are asking customers to make large lump sums or add $1,000 a month to their repayments to clear up what they owe in arrears.

Workers in demand as home building blooms

Skilled vacancies advertised on the internet have grown for eight consecutive months after hitting a record low last April.

The Best Way to Train in 2021? In Your Street Clothes

It's time to bin the lycra and embrace the kind of exercise you can do in jeans and a t-shirt

Jennifer Lopez: glamor pics and dresses, from Super Bowl to Inauguration

Tayto was the taste of home in 37 countries worldwide during Christmas as online sales rocketed

The unique taste of Tayto crisps was the ‘taste of home’ in 37 countries worldwide during Christmas 2020, according to the Craigavon firm’s online sales.

Celebrities who believe in the law of attraction

Rhonda Byrne's groundbreaking book ‘The Secret’ has been a favorite of many celebrities since it was first published in 2006. In reality, the presented concepts that boast of allowing people to manifest whatever existence they want in the real world, encapsulated by “the law of attraction,” have been around for quite some time. Albert Einstein and Andrew Carnegie, for example, are just two examples of historical figures who were both firm believers in its potential. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to discover which celebrities and other famous figures subscribe to this school of thought, and what they had to say about it.

Exactly how to stage an Instagram-worthy summer picnic for your girls.

The fizz of bubbles and the clink of glasses, the sun shining down and the afternoon stretching lazily ahead - there's no better way to celebrate the height of summer than a stylish picnic with your girlfriends. From effortless dresses you'll want to wear to the Prosecco you simply must have (Dean & Monroe, but more on that soon), we've ... Continued

The Viral '#75Hard' TikTok Fitness Transformation Challenge Could Have Seriously Unsafe Results

It currently has over 189m views on TikTok. Eek.

Joe Biden's private home exudes White House luxury – see inside

Joe Biden house: The 46th President of the United States will move into the White House with his wife Jill – but their Delaware home is already pretty swanky.

2021 is the year of "skinimalism." Here's what that means for your face.

Since most of us spent A LOT of time indoors last year, we had more time to pay attention to looking after our skin. We tried new products. Researched ingredients. Gave ourselves facials. Wore face masks while working. Ditched makeup. Felt kinda cute. All this jazz gave rise to something called 'Skinimalism'. Heard of it? This buzzy term is what Pinterest is ... Continued

Medevac detainees freed from Melbourne hotel after years in immigration detention

At least 45 refugees and asylum seekers have been freed from immigration detention in Melbourne, where some have spent more than a year detained in inner-city hotels, advocacy groups say.

Inflation jumps as transport and petrol prices rise despite high street closures

The cost of living picked up pace in December after hard-hit clothing retailers held off from traditional steep Boxing Day sales, according to official government figures

Sophie Wessex joins Girl Guides ‘act your age' campaign

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, takes part in Girl Guides ‘act your age' campaign, making 55 cheese and bacon scones.

My New Braided Ponytail Is Proof Of The Power Of Protective Styles

A drastic hair change isn’t limited to a big chop or dyeing your strands platinum blonde. Protective styles are a great option if you want to test a new look while taking a break from having to style your hair daily. In the latest Hair Me Out episode, Angelique Waller was reminded of the power of protective styles with a cute braided ponytail. “When I was younger, my mom used to braid my hair. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was 13,”...

Kamala Harris' house is even more homely than the Obamas' – see inside

Kamala Harris home: see where the vice president lives with her husband Doug Emhoff, before moving to Number One Observatory Circle in Washington.

How To Watch The 2021 Presidential Inauguration in Australia

After a very long four years, it's time for another Presidential inauguration. Wednesday the 20th of January is the date for president-elect Joe Biden to take the reigns from current President, Donald Trump. Given the pandemic that is still rampaging through America, attendance numbers have been slashed for the event. It will instead be televised and streamed online. So how can we catch this historic event in Australia? When is the inauguration...

National Trust for Scotland in U-turn on Culloden Battlefield house

The National Trust for Scotland has performed a U-turn and now objected to plans to build a house within the historic boundary of Culloden Battlefield.