Mina Ebrahimi Gives Back To The Community Through Saint Germain Catering

Mina Ebrahimi, CEO of Saint Germain Catering began working in the family bakery at an early age. She gained experience working in the family cafe too that was eventually named Saint Germain Cafe. During her early working years, she learned to provide excellent customer service to patrons of the business.

At the age of 26, Mina started her own catering business called Saint Germain Catering. It focused on corporate clients, weddings, and special events. She transformed her business over time to a full service catering company. Nina employees 32 full time employees and 8 part time employees.

Mina has received several business awards over the years. One is the Washington Business Journals Top 40 Under 40 Award in 2010, and the SMART CEO’s Brava. These awards are given to women business leaders that show passion for their work and give back to the community.

Mina supports many nonprofit organizations through her business. One of them is Operation Homefront DC. This organization strives to build strong stable environments for military families. Another organization she supports is the 25th Project, an organization that help homeless people with donations of food, and supplies during the year.

Nina sponsored a cancer detection dog at the Pennsylvania Vet Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a tool used to detect early ovarian cancer in women. Her catering business donates to cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania.

She founded a program at the University of Pennsylvania called the Jack Ebrahami Program one of the few interventional radiology veterinarian program around and the Mina Ebrahimi Foundation that helps women build a future in business.

Saint Germain Catering is one of the largest women own businesses in the US. They handle over 200 events per year in the Washington D.C, Virginia, and Maryland area. Mina’s favorite dish to make is barbecued foods. The company recently celebrated 20 years in business and introduced Healthy Options to their catering menu.


Penelope Kokkinides Effort at InnovaCare Health in Fighting For the Healthcare Systems

InnovaCare Health offers excellent referrals and physical care services to individuals in New Jersey and the neighborhood. InnovaCare operates Medicare Advantage, which is termed to be among the most extensive healthcare plans in Puerto Rico. One of the executives is very concerned about the health outcomes of patients. Rick Shinto points out that it does not make any progress to prescribe medications in clinics and the patients end up lacking their provisions and proper diets. InnovaCare Health operates many mobile clinics especially after the storm happened. They set up more than 30 clinics with fully packed services that address the fundamental concerns of health necessities. Medicare and Medicaid are responsible for the payments of the medical services being offered to the patients. As at now, an approximate of 25,000 residents have been able to find health through the clinics. Qualified physician specialists and pharmacists provide the services. The organization did set up clinics that would also provide relief services to those that ail from mental conditions. The Hurricane Maria incident came up with a lot of trauma on the people that were involved. The clinics also put up some initiatives to reach out to the elderly in the homes and ensure that there is the effective distribution of necessary supplies for them in the islands.


In pursuit of better services and great operations, the chief administrative officer of the InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides held a meeting with President Trump in White House. The intention of the meeting was to deliberate on the federal health care legislation and issues around Medicare Advantage payments. The other panelists in attendance included the administrator for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Seema Verma and other executive women. In this meeting, Penelope together with the other professional caregivers and executives addressed the significance of increasing the amount of funding received by Medicare Advantage in the regions of Puerto Rico. This was concerning the current state of reduced federal funding for Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico since the year 2011. Penelope added that Medicaid is very instrumental in paying for the healthcare services in the island and a collapse of the Medicare system would expose the residents in Puerto Rico. This would cause them to migrate to the States where they will face the challenge of paying almost thrice, of what they can spend as at now. The issue was raised out of genuine concern from the executives in the healthcare sector.


Waiakea Water is Refreshing, Healthy and a very Successful Bottled Beverage Company

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Bottled Water was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. This particular water brand is a special beverage that contains a well-balanced pH level that provides a ton of health benefits for consumers. Not only is the water good for the body it has a great taste that people find hard to resist. The refreshing goodness of Waiakea keeps people coming back for more of this amazing water- based beverage.


Ryan Emmons realized he was on to something back in 2012. On the island of Waiakea there is a volcanic mountain that has an abundance of water flows from off its slopes. The name of this volcanic mountain is Mauna Loa or Long Mountain. This water is derived from the rain which constantly falls onto the mountain at least 360 days of the year. Once the water falls onto the mountain it is naturally filtered by many of the rocks and minerals that are present on the side of this massive land formation. The natural filtering process makes the water a healthy product for the body.


Emmons had access to a watering plant that was located at the bottom of the mountain. He used the plant to capture the flowing water and to bottle it up for sale. Waiakea has to make sure that the water is safe to drink by consumers. Once they are done testing the water they then bottle it up and ship it out to consumers. The company tries to preserve many of the water’s natural ingredients through the processing procedure.


One of the best things about Waiakea is its low pH level. The water has an 8.8 pH level which means it is good for balancing out the acids within the body. When a person has a balanced pH level this will then help them to fight off many ailments and diseases. Waiakea also provides plenty of minerals that are able to help a person’s body to stay healthy and strong.


Waiakea is also bottled with recyclable materials and the product is part of an environmentally safe production system from start to finish. Ryan Emmon’s Waiake product has been so successful that it grew by nearly 5000%. That is an amazing growth rate for any type of business. Waiakea is sold in nearly half the states around the country. This water beverage is steadily becoming one of the best water beverages of all time.