Something You Didn’t Know About Shiraz Boghani

The United Kingdom is known to have some of the greatest philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and business owners. When checking the names of the successful business people in the UK, you won’t miss Shiraz Boghani. He is a renowned figure in the hotel industry.

Besides being a hotelier, Boghani is a co-founder of a reputable organization known as Sussex Health Care Center. This company ensures the facilities taking care of the health of the elderly people have met the required standards. Most of the en-suite rooms where the old people live in have specific medical care standards to meet. Elderly people develop various illnesses such as dementia, Parkinson, and other neurological problems.

In the hotel industry, it is not possible to ignore the presence of Splendid Hospitality Group because of the innovation it has brought. Shiraz Boghani happens to be Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Through his exceptional leadership, Splendid Hospitality Group has managed to compile over 25 hotels in London. Boghani has ensured the hotels the company compiles are uniquely designed. He is reputable hotelier for the type of hotels he designs. The hotels Splendid Hospitality Group compiles consist of innovative luxury brand hotels, mid-scale hotels, beautiful boutique hotels, upper midscale brands, and limited service brands.

Don’t assume that Shiraz Boghani entered the hotel industry for the first time through Splendid Hospitality Group. He had started his own hotels in the early 1990s. The hotels he started were the limited-service type. Through the tremendous growth that Splendid Hospitality Group has shown under his leadership, The Asian Business Awards awarded Shiraz Boghani with the 2016 Hotelier of the Year. The Splendid Hospitality Group has acquired recognized management brands and signature brands such as Hilton, Choice, and IHG chains around England. The largest luxury hotel of the Splendid Hospitality Group is the city of London. It acts as the main scene for the group.

Anyone who has been in any of the Group’s hotels would agree grace and beauty were used to uniquely design these hotels. These hotels have exceptional and spacious conference rooms with unique amenities suitable for business travelers and visitors. The hotels have grandeur inspired rooms, chef-inspired restaurants, and with exceptional decor and modern design. Before Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom, he used to live in Kenya. This generous philanthropist has been in the hotel industry for more than 30 years. England’s Institute of Chartered Accounts is lucky to have him as a reliable member. He has served at the National Council of the Ismaili Community.

Lacey and Larkin’s Frontera Fund Was Born Out of a Bad Situation and Is Now Helping Fight For Immigrant Rights:

On October 18, 2007, under the cover of darkness, armed deputies of Maricopa County, Arizona’s sheriff’s department arrested freedom fighting journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on trumped-up charges of disclosing information related to a grand-jury investigation. The co-founders and executives for Village Voice Media were in truth being targeted by corrupt Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in retaliation for their constant criticism of his department through their various media outlets linked to Village Voice Media. The journalists were removed from their Phoenix-area homes, placed into unmarked SUV’s with Mexican plates and booked into separate jail facilities.


The Phoenix New Times is a newspaper put out by Village Voice Media and it had repeatedly exposed the misdeeds of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department under the leadership of Joe Arpaio. The publication had reported about Arpaio’s role in promoting anti-Mexican fear-mongering across Arizona. Many mainstream media outlets had played down Arpaio’s issues, chalking him up to being just another quirky and off the wall public figure but the Phoenix New Times went out of its way to get to the truth and reported on the mistreatment of inmates in Arpaio’s Tent City as well as the misappropriation of funds by Arpaio’s department. Phoenix New Times pulled no punches in exposing Arpaio’s blatant racial profiling and unconstitutional detainments. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were, in truth, arrested because they had published a story covering Arpaio and his allies in the county’s attorney’s office issuing grand-jury subpoenas asking for details regarding the journalists behind the newspaper as well as its editors and readers. The personal browsing histories of Phoenix New Times readers were also subject to exposure.


The outcry from the public over these wrongful arrests was massive and the two were released from jail in less than 24 hours time with all charges being dropped. This illegal detention of Lacey and Larkin resulted in a drawn-out court battle revolving around the First Amendment and Arpaio’s abuse of power. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals asserted that Arpaio’s actions were a direct attack on the First Amendment because he was simply trying to silence critics. The court also noted that the grand-jury subpoenas that had been served on Larkin and Lacey were not valid as the prosecutor had not followed proper legal procedures. In other words, Larkin and Lacey were arrested without probable cause.


The end result of this illegal arrest was that Lacey and Larkin were awarded a settlement of $3.7 million as compensation for the actions of the sheriff’s department. These funds were then used by the journalists to get up the Frontera Fund in order to help migrants and immigrants in their fight for their civil and human rights.

Rocketship Education Tallies Students’ Growth Through the MAP

Rocketship  Education is a network of charter schools that are public and non-profit in nature, which are created to serve the underprivileged communities across the country. Its main office is located in the city of Redwood, California. The said school is classified under the E-Leaning, EdTech, and Education system of learning. It was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006.

In a featured article on the Tennessean website, James Robinson, Rocketship United Academy’s founding principal, appeals to parents of students from the Nashville public schools to inquire about their child’s development scores on MAP, regardless whether they fail in the proficiency area of the test. He added that being concerned with where their children are going and not just where they are at present, cognitive wise, will make the parents better supporters for their respective children/child’s education and longstanding triumphs.

Majority of schools all over Tennessee have just learned how much their students have progressed in their academic standing for the previous years, while elementary schools in the Country of Davidson will have to stand-by for another year before they get to know the academic growth their students have attained within the given school year.

This implies that the TNReady end results have already been issued this fall, and the test given to the elementary schools is concentrated on the proficiency of the student. There is however, another assessment that majority of the public schools in Nashville are currently utilizing to monitor the academic development of the students. The cited assessment is the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress or MAP that can measure each student’s cognitive progress throughout the school year.

Proficiency ratings are essential, although they only portray if a particular students fits his or her grade level at a certain period. The growth scores, also termed as “value-added” scores indicate how much the student has gained in terms of knowledge for a specific time frame, irrespective of their starting point. Hence, the variance between growth and proficiency is the difference between knowing how far the student has come and if the student was able to understand what he or she has been taught.

Rocketship Public Schools have been utilizing the MAP ever since its inception, since it understands that growth is essential for all students especially for those who come from less fortunate circumstances.