Top 10 Health Benefits Associated with Grapeseed Oil, According to Bernardo Chua of ORGANO

Bernardo Chua is a well-known business executive in his native Philippines. Chua is a self-made online millionaire with an impeccable track-record of building successful multi-level marketing from the ground up.

Gano Excel is a highly profitable online company he started to sell health supplements. Here’s a recap of a trending article where Bernard Chua calls grapeseed oil as the world’s next big health supplement.

The post begins by stating how the grape fruit originated from the Mediterranean region and in South West Asia. Humans have farmed the fruit for millennia. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

They’ve done so to extract the juices from the green, purple-black and red grape fruits or for the seeds. The seeds get treated to produce health improving and restoring oils. A perfect example of an oil derived from the Mediterranean grapes is the grapeseed oil.

Why Grapeseed Oil?

According to Bernardo, grapeseed oil contains the powerful antioxidant chemical compound, Procynidolic Oligomer.

Chua notes that the chemical compound, Procynidolic Oligomer confers up to five times more benefits to the human body as compared to conventional vitamin C and E supplements. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

If you’ve taken an interest in this revolutionary health supplement, you are in excellent luck. Here’s a link to Bernardo Chua’s official online store and website which also happens to sell the grapeseed oil supplement.

The online retail connoisseur goes ahead to outline the top 9 health benefits of consuming grapeseed oil. They are:-

  1. Boosting the immune system
  2. Managing breast cancer
  3. Cures non-alcohol liver disease
  4. Treats degenerative diseases
  5. Treats cardiovascular system conditions
  6. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent
  7. It promotes clotting
  8. Heals osteoporosis and arthritis
  9. Used by HIV patients to keep viral load down

Health Products Offered

Bernardo Chua’s company continues to grow and expand. It does that by joining forces with independent distributors found in over 20 countries outside the Philippines.

The broad range of health improving supplements sold by Gano Excel Products includes the trademark bioactive coffee products rich in Ganoderma lucidum, enriched tea capsules, CORDYCEPS SINESIS and other health boosting food supplements.


When Daniel Taub; an Israel Ambassador met the Queen for the first time,he presented his credentials for the first time ever. As he presented the piece of paper to Her Majesty, he bowed his head as the newly chosen Ambassador of the State of Israel and to St Jame’s Court.

Daniel wore a morning tail coat, stripped trousers and black shoes that were well shined. He also had a new cut on his grey hair which symbolized another badge of office. The Queen of Israel asked Daniel how it was going to feel like representing a country which he had immigrated for period less than thirty years before.

Daniel revealed his urge of raising his children in their homeland after two thousand years of exile. He also revealed that he had seen great opportunities in the country and he had hoped to express his gratitude by bringing together the two countries.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an Ambassador of Israel who was born in the great Britain in the year nineteen sixty two.Mr.Taub studied at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ Secondary School that is found in Hertforshire.He studied at Oxford University, the University College in London and at Harvard Kennedy School of Government University. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) when he moved to Israel in the year nineteen eighty nine. He also served as a combat medic and as a reserve officer in their law division. In nineteen ninety one, he began working for the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.Mr.Taub has also worked as a speechwriter for Chaim Herzog; the President of Israel.

Daniel Taub; an Israeli diplomat served as the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom from the year two thousand and eleven to two thousand and fifteen. He was also the director in charge of strategizing and planning at the well-known Yad Hanadiv Foundation that is found in Jerusalem. Taub has a wife called Zehava and together they have a total of six children.

Mr. Daniel Taub is known for holding many diplomatic, legal and political posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He has specialized in counter-terrorism and is an expert in international law. Daniel has represented Israel in many forum especially Foreign Affairs where he served as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel.

Daniel involved himself in Israeli-Palestinian peace process where he helped in negotiating for the many agreements that were reached between the two sides. He has also participated in the Israeli’s negotiation team in the negotiation between Israel and Syrian.


Dick DeVos Knows How to Work Hard for the Future

Many people have only heard the DeVos name because of Betsy. However, the story of Dick DeVos is also interesting. Sometimes people have fascinating stories, but they also like to keep to themselves while doing behind the scenes work. Although Dick DeVos spends enough time in the limelight, people should know more about his work as well as his back story. He is one of the people making the world a better place while using his talents and passion.


Dick DeVos was born in the fifties in Michigan. His parents, Helen and Richard, own a family business Dick was a part of from an early age. He attended high school in the Forest Hills, getting his first taste of education and its importance. It also allowed him to gain public school system experience.


Dick and his brother helped with different tasks when the family hosted events. The business started out in their parents’ basement, and he was one of the hosts ushering guests of the conventions every year. No job was too big for the boys to help out with whether it meant clearing away glasses or encouraging guests to move from one activity to the next. It was almost like a Junior Achievement program just in his own home. The experience helped with his confidence, and soon he was speaking in front of groups and even fiving product demonstrations.


He attended Northwood University and graduates with a degree in business administration. Dick DeVos started studied at the Harvard Business School, but decided not to finish the degree. Instead, he chose to start his career.


He also worked in manufacturing and finance. The hard work paid off, and DeVos became one of the VPs responsible for international operations. Under his guidance, the company expanded their global sales and revenue reaching more countries.


He is a passionate philanthropist. Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation supports schools and learning, and they think education should not be a privilege. Coming from a well-situated but public school background, Dick understands and values education. The Foundation encourages children and young people to learn and pursue their dreams.


They also encourage their friends to help people achieve the goal of education. In Michigan, it doesn’t matter who you know but how much you support those less fortunate.


Visit to learn more.