Refinancing My Car With Ignition Financial Cut My Monthly Payments In Half

I was in fear of losing my car because I just couldn’t keep up with the payments. I was literally budgeting everything in order to keep my car because I didn’t want to mess up my credit or to lose my car. The very last month that I had my high car payment of almost $400 for the month was the same month that I decided that refinancing was an option I needed to try. My paycheck was always the same, but now, I’m getting paid $500 less per month, which severely impacted what I was able to fit into my monthly budget.


A friend is who told me about Ignition Financial, and she mentioned that they could slash my payments, which sounded good to me. I’m like a lot of other people, I wasn’t considering refinancing my car because I just thought that making the monthly payments was all that mattered. When I filled out the online application for Ignition Financial, I was already in a good space because I knew that I would get the help that I was looking for. I had time later in the week to go meet with one of the officials from their offices, so I went in.


It didn’t take very long to find out that there were several lenders who could help me, and one lender in particular would be able to refinance my car for only $200 per month. My breath was taken away because I never imagined I’d be able to cut my monthly payments by $200 a month.

I was also relieved because it meant that I didn’t have to make the $400 payment that would have been due within a week, so I couldn’t have been happier. My first monthly payment to my new financier took place 30 days after I received the new loan, and I was able to put the other $200 that I saved into my pocket to pay other bills or to do whatever I wanted with it. If it wasn’t for Ignition Financial and the fact that they worked with different lenders, I honestly don’t believe I would be saving so much money on my car payments each month.