Securus Technologies Changing How Officer Conduct Business

One of the hardest jobs in the world is working as a guard in a prison. I know firsthand because today I am employed in a prison in Texas that has the highest concentration of violent gang members who would jump at the chance to hurt me and my team. To maintain order, we have to be vigilant in our efforts because it only takes a second for inmates to overpower an officer.


In the past we used to be able to keep the peace because there were less inmates, but overcrowded conditions have made it hard on everyone inside the jail. Inmates are crammed inside small cells with individuals they might not like, while others are placed in tent camps in the heat because we can not fit them in a cell. This makes for very tense times, so we value every resource at our disposal today.


When we were in contact with Securus Technologies about updating the inmate call monitoring system, little did any of us at the time realize that this resource would significantly improve the working conditions for all the staff inside this facility.


Securus Technologies is a Texas based company that employs thousands and has already installed their call monitoring system in thousands of prisons. The LBS software is the key to the success of the system, being able to listen to every second of every call these inmates are making, and quickly alert my team when there is any chatter bout concerning subject matter like drugs, weapons, contraband, gangs, or violence.


The advantage we have now and why this prison has seen such a reduction in violence is because my team can get ahead of any potentially dangerous situation now instead of always being in the position of trying to chase down the problem after it occurred.


Top 10 Health Benefits Associated with Grapeseed Oil, According to Bernardo Chua of ORGANO

Bernardo Chua is a well-known business executive in his native Philippines. Chua is a self-made online millionaire with an impeccable track-record of building successful multi-level marketing from the ground up.

He owns Gano Excel Products, popularly marketed as ORGANO. Gano Excel is a highly profitable online company he started to sell health supplements. Here’s a recap of a trending article where Bernard Chua calls grapeseed oil as the world’s next big health supplement.

The post begins by stating how the grape fruit originated from the Mediterranean region and in South West Asia. Humans have farmed the fruit for millennia. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

They’ve done so to extract the juices from the green, purple-black and red grape fruits or for the seeds. The seeds get treated to produce health improving and restoring oils. A perfect example of an oil derived from the Mediterranean grapes is the grapeseed oil.

Why Grapeseed Oil?

According to Bernardo, grapeseed oil contains the powerful antioxidant chemical compound, Procynidolic Oligomer. The compound dissolves in the bloodstream and it proceeds to kill free radicals that might trigger cancers and other adverse health conditions.

Chua notes that the chemical compound, Procynidolic Oligomer confers up to five times more benefits to the human body as compared to conventional vitamin C and E supplements. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

If you’ve taken an interest in this revolutionary health supplement, you are in excellent luck. Here’s a link to Bernardo Chua’s official online store and website which also happens to sell the grapeseed oil supplement.

The online retail connoisseur goes ahead to outline the top 9 health benefits of consuming grapeseed oil. They are:-

  1. Boosting the immune system
  2. Managing breast cancer
  3. Cures non-alcohol liver disease
  4. Treats degenerative diseases
  5. Treats cardiovascular system conditions
  6. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent
  7. It promotes clotting
  8. Heals osteoporosis and arthritis
  9. Used by HIV patients to keep viral load down

Health Products Offered

Bernardo Chua’s company continues to grow and expand. It does that by joining forces with independent distributors found in over 20 countries outside the Philippines.

The broad range of health improving supplements sold by Gano Excel Products includes the trademark bioactive coffee products rich in Ganoderma lucidum, enriched tea capsules, CORDYCEPS SINESIS and other health boosting food supplements.


When Daniel Taub; an Israel Ambassador met the Queen for the first time,he presented his credentials for the first time ever. As he presented the piece of paper to Her Majesty, he bowed his head as the newly chosen Ambassador of the State of Israel and to St Jame’s Court.

Daniel wore a morning tail coat, stripped trousers and black shoes that were well shined. He also had a new cut on his grey hair which symbolized another badge of office. The Queen of Israel asked Daniel how it was going to feel like representing a country which he had immigrated for period less than thirty years before.

Daniel revealed his urge of raising his children in their homeland after two thousand years of exile. He also revealed that he had seen great opportunities in the country and he had hoped to express his gratitude by bringing together the two countries.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an Ambassador of Israel who was born in the great Britain in the year nineteen sixty two.Mr.Taub studied at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ Secondary School that is found in Hertforshire.He studied at Oxford University, the University College in London and at Harvard Kennedy School of Government University. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) when he moved to Israel in the year nineteen eighty nine. He also served as a combat medic and as a reserve officer in their law division. In nineteen ninety one, he began working for the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.Mr.Taub has also worked as a speechwriter for Chaim Herzog; the President of Israel.

Daniel Taub; an Israeli diplomat served as the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom from the year two thousand and eleven to two thousand and fifteen. He was also the director in charge of strategizing and planning at the well-known Yad Hanadiv Foundation that is found in Jerusalem. Taub has a wife called Zehava and together they have a total of six children.

Mr. Daniel Taub is known for holding many diplomatic, legal and political posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He has specialized in counter-terrorism and is an expert in international law. Daniel has represented Israel in many forum especially Foreign Affairs where he served as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel.

Daniel involved himself in Israeli-Palestinian peace process where he helped in negotiating for the many agreements that were reached between the two sides. He has also participated in the Israeli’s negotiation team in the negotiation between Israel and Syrian.


Dick DeVos Knows How to Work Hard for the Future

Many people have only heard the DeVos name because of Betsy. However, the story of Dick DeVos is also interesting. Sometimes people have fascinating stories, but they also like to keep to themselves while doing behind the scenes work. Although Dick DeVos spends enough time in the limelight, people should know more about his work as well as his back story. He is one of the people making the world a better place while using his talents and passion.


Dick DeVos was born in the fifties in Michigan. His parents, Helen and Richard, own a family business Dick was a part of from an early age. He attended high school in the Forest Hills, getting his first taste of education and its importance. It also allowed him to gain public school system experience.


Dick and his brother helped with different tasks when the family hosted events. The business started out in their parents’ basement, and he was one of the hosts ushering guests of the conventions every year. No job was too big for the boys to help out with whether it meant clearing away glasses or encouraging guests to move from one activity to the next. It was almost like a Junior Achievement program just in his own home. The experience helped with his confidence, and soon he was speaking in front of groups and even fiving product demonstrations.


He attended Northwood University and graduates with a degree in business administration. Dick DeVos started studied at the Harvard Business School, but decided not to finish the degree. Instead, he chose to start his career.


His first job was with Amway. There he filled several different roles from a researcher and developer to marketing and sales representative. He also worked in manufacturing and finance. The hard work paid off, and DeVos became one of the VPs responsible for international operations. Under his guidance, the company expanded their global sales and revenue reaching more countries.


He is a passionate philanthropist. Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation supports schools and learning, and they think education should not be a privilege. Coming from a well-situated but public school background, Dick understands and values education. The Foundation encourages children and young people to learn and pursue their dreams.


They also encourage their friends to help people achieve the goal of education. In Michigan, it doesn’t matter who you know but how much you support those less fortunate.


Visit to learn more.

Kate Hudson Leads The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand of leisure wear has been growing at an amazing rate since the company was launched in 2013 with the backing of Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson; the actress is most famous for her role in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” and states her main aim in life is to continue her acting success, but the dedication to the Fabletics brand of Hudson has aided the company in becoming the main rival to fashion retail giant, Amazon. There are many reasons why Fabletics has become such a major retail force within the fashion industry, particularly as the company is not simply copying the business model of Amazon but is instead seeking new ways of developing its own brand for the future; alongside the subscription based Online sales platform, Fabletics is also developing a chain of physical stores in some of the leading cities in the U.S.


The backing of Kate Hudson has been pivotal to the success of Fabletics as the brand identified the actress as a potential partner even before the company was launched in a public fashion. TechStyle founders, Adam Goldenberg and Dan Ressler believed Hudson had the qualities to reflect the position of the brand for the public, the bright, humorous image of Kate Hudson provided the founders of Fabletics with the perfect celebrity to endorse their fledgling brand. Kate Hudson herself believes Fabletics has grown from a start-up to a company expecting sales in 2017 of more than $250 million as she has made the decision to place her own reputation on the line as the main supporter of the Fabletics brand. Every aspect of the grand comes under the leadership of Kate Hudson as she has become involved with everything from marketing to design and fabric choices.


Fabletics is looking to make major changes to the way the public see the endorsement of a celebrity as Kate Hudson herself is often seen wearing the active wear produced by Fabletics and sets out to share her experiences of wearing the clothes on her own social media platforms. The trust placed in the image and reputation of Kate Hudson has grown within the Fabletics brand to such an extent the actress was given the responsibility of announcing a further celebrity partnership with singer Demi Lovato at a recent Fabletics launch; the image of Kate Hudson has become intrinsically linked to that of Fabletics as the brand continues to dent the 20 percent digital fashion retail percentage currently owned by Amazon.

Logan Stout: Strategic Partnerships To Help People Be Their Best

In 2014, one man took a big step toward realizing his vision of helping others achieve their overall life goals. He started a Direct Sales Company called IDLife whose purpose is focusing on the health and fitness aspect of people’s life goals. The man is Logan Stout, and he believes good health is the foundation that supports all other life goals.

Stout is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and stays active donating his time and money supporting charities. He is a former baseball athlete who understands from personal experience that maintaining a significant level of physical fitness is critical to one’s overall success.

Often achievement in life outside sports also depends on physical stamina, endurance, and a high level of stress-free thinking. Top-tier performance in any endeavor is always enhanced and often associated with good health.

As CEO of IDLife, Logan focuses his company’s mission at bringing out the best in people, beginning with their health. To help with the pursuit of his mission and the growth of his business Stout has formed partnerships with other organizations and individuals whose goals and values align with his.

For example, Garmin, a company at the cutting edge of producing wearable fitness devices has agreed to join forces with IDLife. Customers of both companies can now take advantage of services and products from the other. Clients can purchase Garmin products on the IDLife site, and their app will sync to the Garmin produced Vivo activity trackers.

Logan Stout has enlisted the help of famous athletes and fitness experts to get the message out and promote the company’s impressive line of health supplements. The most recognizable name is probably Troy Aikman.

Beyond health and fitness, Logan has written a bestselling book titled Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. In his writing, he shares techniques and knowledge about subjects beyond health that work in all areas of life like building teams and helping people achieve success.

Learn more about Logan Stout:

Contribution of Marc Sparks in Building Startups

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman who has managed to build his entrepreneurial success from scratch. His business empires spread across telecommunication, real estate and capital investment. Sparks attributes his success to unwavering faith in God and ability to approach every aspect of life from a positive perspective. After completing his high school diploma, Sparks made a decision to pursue entrepreneurship at the expense of higher education, which attracted criticism from all corners. However, over the years he has worked tirelessly to become the epitome of hard work pays.

For more than three decades, Sparks has managed to establish and run successful companies. Today, he serves as the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, an equity company that is focused on turning innovative ideas of entrepreneurs into profitable businesses. The goal of the firm is not only to fund startups but also offers a wide range of entrepreneurial support services including equipment, office space, marketing among other services sought after by young entrepreneurs.

Marc Sparks as serial entrepreneur based in Dallas, also has interest in Splash Media, one of the largest media marketing company. Cobalt Real Estate Services is another firm owned by Sparks. The company specializes in property sale and management. Other companies owned by Marc Sparks include Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom LLC, Bonn Oir and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

The growing group of companies owned by Sparks and the need to provide a more conducive and collaborative work environment for startups, forced Mark to move his office in 2015 to a new location after occupying the original premises for over fourteen years. Has a long-standing entrepreneur who understands the treacherous journey of entrepreneurship, Sparks, saw the move as necessary in providing startups with more incubation period to help them thrive. Learn more:

Marc Sparks is the author of ‘They Can’t Eat You’. In this book, Sparks captures his entrepreneurship journey. He outline success and failures he has experienced in his entrepreneurial pursuits. The book gives useful insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. Marc Sparks shares elaborately the virtues one has to embrace in order to become successful in business. Beside his informative book, Sparks also shares helpful advice through his talks. According to Sparks, for companies to secure funding they should; offer unique services, provide sales data for products already in the market and provide a clear strategy on how venture capital will improve the company. Learn more;

Marc Sparks is also active outside business circles. He participates in philanthropic activities as well he has donated part of his wealth to charity causes. Notably, Sparks has given money generously to The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Dallas. Through Habitat for Humanity, Marc Sparks has managed to build homes for the needy. Sparks has also donated to programs promoting access to education.


Dr. Rick Shinto Knows all and Does All

There is a company focused on the wellbeing of its patients like no other. Its name is InnovaCare Health. Within this organization, there are countless qualified healthcare professionals working to serve the needs of patients. The cornerstone to their medical practice is all about transparency in management. Of course, this is all based on the best communication tools and techniques available.

For the citizens in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, this service and care comes from the establishments of MMM Healthcare Inc., along with PMC Medicare Choice Inc. The promotion and practice of inclusive medical care for patients is the focus of their programs. And, the public likes this. The customer satisfaction rates related to the service they receive from these companies is 90 per cent.

Truth be told, these medical professionals do such a good job that the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) has given them accreditation. To do this, InnovaCare has to have plans that consistently exceed expected assurance standards. As with many other businesses and organizations, a big part of the success within this company is its leadership. And in the case of InnovaCare, the leadership is headed by Dr. Rick Shinto and others. Read this article at Open Minds.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the president of the company and well-known for being an authority in the field of healthcare. His expertise is technical in it nature and his experience is in operational and clinical healthcare. He is recognized as being an entrepreneur by Ernst & Young. Other high name associations and titles include being Medical Management’s Vice President. Not to mention, he has experience as Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Rick Shinto is not just an awesome man with a plan. He heads an equally powerful team that magnifies his medical knowledge and power. They reflect off each other to bring out ideas and solution that are off the charts, paradigm shifting, and lifesaving innovations. One such individual is Penelope Kokkinides whose assets to Shinto’s team are commendable as they are dependable.

Surely, Dr. Rick Shinto needs all the super-qualified team members that he can get if his is to expand his empire into the future and beyond the field of medical supply. Although his company is masterful in the ways of melting medical science and medical practice, there are endless combinations of these two. There should be no issues with the growth of the company he is with now, as long as Dr. Shinto remembers to maintain or improve the quality of service that he and his team already provide for their patients in the present.

Know more:

Amazon Has Their Eyes on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Amazon has been on the top of the e-commerce sales in the women’s apparel niche for years, today commanding a staggering 20 percent of that niches sales. Amazon has also seen dozens if not hundreds of apparel companies that were supposed to be the next big thing come and go. One company Amazon must be paying close attention to is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, already crushing the market space and walking away with $250 million is sales in just a few years. If Amazon wasn’t looking before, they most certainly are paying attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics now.


Hudson was reached for comment on the success of her athleisure brand, and the simplicity in her answer really must have Amazon pausing for concern. Hudson says that the secret to her success in the highly competitive apparel niche comes down to reverse showrooming and her unique membership platform. Looking at these processes in action, we first have to visit the Fabletics retail store in the mall, where we see women of all ages trying on the active-wear, looking at the latest releases in workout apparel, signing up to get their free memberships, and even taking the Lifestyle Quiz.


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, everything you wear in the retail store is placed in your online account for further consideration. The key to the reverse showrooming process is that these same women who were in the store will eventually go to the Fabletics website and continue shopping. Since they already know how each piece of workout apparel fits their body, they shop for similar items, they buy different colors, and they search in the new releases section for items based in the size they already know flatters their body. Unlike when these same women used to shop at Amazon and return all their purchases because nothing quit fits, the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics apparel is a perfect solution for shopping convenience.


Those who have a free membership to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores will enjoy free shipping online, lower pricing, and a personal shopper who will choose a new item each week for the customer to consider. Women love being pampered, and having your own shopper combined with quality merchandise at discounted prices is the perfect solution for their shopping concerns. Amazon should be very concerned because this company appears to be gaining steam when others in this space are losing serious ground.

Wild Ark Brings Curious Eco-Tourists To See Sea Turtles In Kenya

Eco-tourism is a phenomenon also known as eco-conscious tourism or conservation tourism. The goal of eco-tourism is for participants to participate in all-around environmentally responsible activities from travel movements, geographic location, business choices and tourist attractions.Learn more :

Usually, eco-tourism incorporates zones that are sensitive and relatively undisturbed regions, which are fragile and unexposed to mankind. When considering eco-tourism, planners exist to help travelers research ideal locations for the perfect eco-tourist getaway.Learn more :

Consider Watamu Bay in Kenya, boasting coral lined white sand beaches and rated one of the top beaches in Africa due to sparkling clear water. Sea turtles, critically impacted from the human footprint on both water and shorelines, are the main attraction of Watamu Bay along with the world’s largest spitting cobra species. Snorkeling and turtle tourism has evolved in Watamu Bay with Kenyan Wildlife Service one of a multitude of agencies assigned to protect indigenous species while practicing ecological awareness.

The LOC, Local Ocean Conservation, actively monitors and conducts activities such as turtle egg nests, the rescue of turtles from fishing lines and rehabilitation of sick or injured turtles at the Turtle Rehabilitation Center. The LOC eco-tourist experience offers visitors the chance to stay on grounds at the conservation facility complete with a shared kitchen provided and services of a local cook optional. Environmentally friendly activities include group trash clean up days from beach areas. It is the EcoVisitor sea turtle experience, hosted by the LOC, that is one of the eco-tourist packages offered by eco-travel company Wild Ark.

The vision of Wild Ark, a company dedicated to preserving natural wild landscapes, is to create opportunities for participants to interact with nature while encouraging sustainable choices that respect the environment.

Wild Ark, created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, is a group formed by people serious about conservation efforts who wanted a pro-active role in protecting the planet.
A variety of trips like the Watamu Bay Sea Turtle Experience awaits travelers at Wild Ark. This is part of the customized consumer experience that Wild Ark offers that also covers accommodation, meals, guides, and activities.Learn more :